5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired


5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired We all have the intention of getting good nights sleep, but you suddenly end up watching your favorite TV show on Netflix or have a night with the girls. You may find that a good nights sleep is not always as easy as it may seem…

The Art of Blending your Makeup


In order to get a flawless look you need to know how to blend your makeup. Foundation One of the most important techniques you will learn is how to blend your foundation, as you will want your skin to look as natural as possible. You also want to avoid mismatched tones and annoying line along…

Shrinking your Pores

shrink pores

If you suffer from large pores there are ways that you can reduce them. Pore Perfecting Primer You can fill in your pores with a pore refining foundation primer before you apply your foundation. If you have oily skin then you can reduce its appearance with a primer, as many of them will have a…